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Body Steam: Using a steam machine with 178 degree temperature, that will lifts the dirt and road grime without damaging or scratching your car paint, along with sanitizing your entire vehicle without the use of chemicals.

Interior Steam:  Steam is safe on all parts of the interior of your vehicle, it lifts dirt out of carpets and leather, effectively  terminate harmful bacteria and tiny parasites found living on textiles inside cars.

Interior Vacuum:  Vacuuming the entire vehicle by removing small particles of dust contains grit and chemicals that causes harm to the surfaces of your car’s interior.

Interior Wipe down: Fully detail inside of the vehicle, leather and plastic surfaces with a microfiber detailing towel. Wiping down interior glass, rear view mirror and door jambs/ sills.

Tire Shine: It’s important to protect your tires! Using a quality tire shine will help prevent your tires  from fading in addition to looking shiny.

Wheel Dressing: Using a grinding dresser to return your wheel  to its original shape.

Spray Wax: Spray wax will not only make your vehicle to look shiny, it will also build layers of protection. Making it last longer.

Hand Polish Carnauba: It’s good for Keeping your vehicle as high-end.  Applying  carnauba wax on the body for paint protection and to give your car a shiny finish.

Scratch/ Swirl Removal: Scratches and swirl marks are noticeable all around your vehicle’s  body.  These can be easily removed by detailing, restoring  your vehicle to a like-new finish.

Diamond Cut: A safe, fast acting, high performance compound created for paint correction and swirl removal. It restores the sleek shine on your vehicle.

Hi Tech Polish and Wax: Using a buffing machine to remove scratches of  your vehicle’s .

Paint Protection: The exterior of a car is often subject to hard conditions like ultra rays from the sun and dirt.  A protective barrier will be formulated providing incredible high gloss finish and aesthetic look.

Headlight Restoration: Foggy and cloudy headlights requires restoration. A quick and easy process of cleaning the headlight lens will remove any oxidation.

Engine Wipe down: Old vehicles tend to get dusty into the engine bay. By maintaining a regular engine wipe down it will give your engine a clean polished look.

Tire and Wheel Detailing: Brake dust build up over time and often appears  on the wheel surface which causes corrosion.

Scratch Removal: Quick and easy solution for removing any scratches and restoring your vehicle to its original shape.

Odor Eliminator: Refresh your vehicle with a new kind of scent. Odor eliminator instantly removes the toughest odors, making your vehicle  smells fresh and clean.